Sunday, October 5, 2008

Date Night & Books

So far my weekend has been absolutely wonderful! For the first time since school started, I didn't have anything work-related that I had to do, so it has been nothing but a fun, relaxing couple of days.

Friday evening, my hubby and I had a date night. We ate at our favorite burger and fry restaurant (I'm sure by this time I don't need to tell you where that is),

did a little shopping (how fun are giant calculators?!),

stopped by our house (the basement is poured!),

and then saw a movie. It was a fun evening spent with my best friend - I couldn't ask for a better way to start my weekend.

On Saturday, I did three loads of laundry. I know you're all as excited about that one as I am! I think it might be the last time I'm able to use the clothesline until spring. The days are definitely becoming fall-like, with cooler temperatures and less sunlight. I won't complain, though - dryers are fun, too!

After my laundry fun, my dad and I headed to the local library's used book sale. We waited until the last hour on the last day of the sale so we could get the bargain price of one dollar per grocery bag. In March, my dad and I got a total of 16 books (two for him, 14 for me). This year we did even better - we got 20 books (two for my dad, 18 for me). At five cents a book, I felt like I was robbing the library! My dad also got a box of 41 Popular Mechanic books for $2.50 which he was quite excited about. How wonderful is the library?! I hope they realize how happy they make people like my dad and me.

Saturday evening consisted of pizza and Hearts with the in-laws, visiting with my parents and some of their friends, then watching Saturday Night Live. While I don't enjoy that show much anymore, it is worth watching right now to see Tina Fey play Sarah Palin. The resemblance is crazy!

My Sunday has been pretty quiet thus far. It's a cool, rainy day - perfect for being lazy. I'm going to start one of my new books when I'm done here and later my husband and I are off to his parents for our weekly Sunday dinner. My mother-in-law is making ravioli tonight, one of our favorites. I can't wait!

I hope everyone is having as great a weekend as I am!


Amber said...

Tyler and I went to a movie on Friday night. We saw Burn After Reading. We both really liked it, funny stuff.

I'm glad that you had a nice weekend!

teacherwoman said...

Sounds like a great weekend! I too caught the Tina Fey clip this week and was ammused by the whole skit! LOL.

hilltopper said...

ou look so cute in the giant calculator pic! are you planning a library in your new home?

Kerri said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend!!