Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday Find, Etc.

Boy do I have lots to share with you today!

First off, thank you to everyone for all the nice comments on my hair! I really appreciate your kind words!

Secondly, I was given the award below from Amber at Viva Voce! She's way too nice to me! Thanks, Amber!

Now the rules! Link back to the person who gave it to you and then award 10 other blogs!

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Thirdly, I was given the award below from Amanda at A Special Blend and Hilltopper at Life on the Hilltop! I'm thrilled! Thanks, ladies!

Now the rules! List six things you value, six things you don't value, and then award six more people! Here goes!

Things I Value
1. My wonderful husband
2. My crazy family
3. My awesome in-laws
4. My dear friends
5. My health (physical and mental)
6. My hobbies

Things I Don't Value
1. Dusting
2. Whistling
3. Working retail
4. Negative attitudes
5. Being cold
6. Snoring

People I Award
1. Amber
2. Caity
3. Sissy
4. Stacy
5. Steph
6. Megan

And finally, my Friday Find. I'm definitely in the mood to decorate for fall, but since I can't, I have to humor myself with looking at projects, like this leaf garland, to attempt next year when I'm in my house!

For more Friday Finds, visit Amber at Viva Voce!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


Amber said...

Thanks!!! You are too kind. :)

I like that leaf garland, it's very pretty. I don't decorate for the seasons. Last year, we were moving during Christmas so we didn't even put up a tree. I can't say that I really minded because I didn't have to take it down.

This year, I think we will decorate for Christmas.

Caity said...

That was so sweet of you to award me twice! I'm really glad you enjoy my blog. I keep thinking I'm so boring and I'm wondering why anyone keeps reading. :P Thanks again! Hopefully I will have a chance to blog about it and pass it on this weekend. It's been a pretty hectic week.

teacherwoman said...

Thanks to both awards! You are too nice! It's been quite the busy weekend and I hope to post in regards to this award today! :)

Amanda Jo said...

WHAT?! I just noticed that you gave me an award!! Thank you SO much!!!! You are too sweet!

hilltopper said...

where are you? i hope you are feeling alright.

thanx for the award, im so honored to be one of the best blogs you ever have seen. yore a good blogfriend