Friday, July 1, 2011

Five Things Friday

Five things that have made me so very happy today:

1.  A husband who is back to working his regular schedule and is currently on his way home with a delicious dinner!

2.  The Funyuns I had with my lunch.

3.  Gummy worms.  I have been ridiculously obsessed lately!

4.  Sleeping puppies.  A sleeping Crickett who didn't hear me turn on my camera and then proceed to run away.

And our visitor, Mr. Moses.  I think he was laying by the power cord in hopes of recharging his battery.

5.  Completing my Management Information Systems course!  What a relief to have that class behind me!

What made you happy today?  (Can you believe it's July already?!)


Faith said...

What cute doggies! And I really can't believe it's July already!

what made me happy... Hiking on the coast, taking pretty pictures, eating nectarines!

Jaclyn T said...

I am happy that I will soon have clean laundry (the simple things) and the afternoon to read my counselling textbooks.