Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Blog Friend and a Teapot

A couple of weeks ago I had the privilege of meeting Megan, a blog friend from here in North Dakota.  She was as cute and fun as I thought she would be in person and I hope we have the opportunity to spend some more time together in the future.  (I wanted to get a picture of us together but being the bad photographer I have been lately, no such picture exists. Boo on me!)

Megan is also a HUGE SWEETHEART!  She blogged about an adorable Christmas teapot earlier this summer and I jokingly asked her if she wanted my address so she could send it to me.  What did she bring along on her visit?  The teapot!  I am beyond excited to add this to my collection of Christmas decorations!  Thanks again, Megan!

(Photo by Megan - I would have taken my own, but hers is so much better than anything I could have done!)

I have truly been blessed by all the blog friends I have made over the years!  I wish I could meet you all!

Now, go check out Megan's blogs: Broken & Whole, Classic Femininity, Megan Erbele Photography.

Happy Tuesday!


Amanda Jo said...

How sweet of her to bring the teapot!!!

Megan.Margaret said...

Dawwwww, how sweet! These are wonderfully kind words and just what I need to get some motivation to clean this afternoon! :)
It was wonderful finally meeting you! And I completely agree, we need to meet up again!