Thursday, July 21, 2011

Special Corner and Pears

When I got home this afternoon, the house was completely quiet.  No husband, no puppy.  As I walked by the bedroom window, I caught a glimpse of something in the yard.  There sat my husband in "his corner," rubbing Crickett's tummy.

Sometimes Mitch just likes to sit or stand in the corner and look out over the yard.  He claims Crickett likes to join him but I'm not so sure.  I tell my better half on a regular basis that he's a crazy old man; it should be interesting to see the ridiculous things he does when he is actually old.

And in other news, nearly all our pears have fallen off the trees.

I'm not sure if the fruit was too heavy for the branches or the crazy wind we had yesterday was responsible (perhaps a combination of both), but now we're down to one pear per pear tree.

I am bummed.  Crickett is fascinated.


Jaclyn T said...

The picture of your husband in the corner is KILLING ME!

amber said...

Oh for funny! At least they're enjoying the shade!

teacherwoman said...

The photo of your hubby makes me chuckle! I didn't realize you had pear trees.. that's too cool. Too bad they couldn't handle the ND weather this summer...

Karen said...

Lol too funny about the corner. Seems like such a random place, but it sort of makes sense!

So sad about the pears! :(