Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bad Influence

My husband and in-laws don't take many photos and it appears that I am truly becoming one of the family.

My cousin got married on Saturday and these are the only photos I have to show for the day:

No photos of the happy bride and groom.  No photos of my cousin who made a beautiful bridesmaid.  No photos of my awesome extended family, many of whom I haven't seen since my wedding nearly four years ago.

My husband and in-laws are a bad influence.


Mom W said...

Here I was hoping that your picture-taking skills would rub off unto me :-) Love Mom W

Jaclyn T said...

I am trying to be better at taking pictures at events...my nanny takes photos all.the.time.

Kayla Sue said...

That is too funny :) At least these photos are fun!

Cori said...

My boyfriend and his family are the same way. Since we've had kids his parents have been taking more pictures, but only of the kids. I grew up with cameras around all the time, I love taking pictures, but the more vacations I go on with them the more I'm noticing I'm not snapping pictures. It's like infectious or something XD

Karen said...

Must be because of summer... hard to get motivated to push pause on fun and get out the camera. I just want to keep playing! Well, and I'm lazy. But we'll ignore that one.