Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday Finds

I got this birthday card from a dear friend:

Oh how it made me laugh so I had to check out the other cards at Bald Guy Greetings; awesome stuff!


Jess and Matt said...

I've bought that card for a friend too...there have some pretty funny ones.

One of my best friends and I always joke about how evil we can be so I bought her a card a few years ago that had a picture of a sun and a rainbow on the front. It said "Happy Birthday! You're going to hell!"

On the inside it said:

"You heard me."

She said she had a fit laughing at it and of course I told her if she was going to hell so was I. Love sarcastic cards when the recipient knows how to take it.

Karen said...

AWESOME! It is so hard to find funny cards! I looked at every one of these! Going to get some right now!