Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Eight Photos From the Eighth Month

I'm feeling somewhat wordless this week, so I thought I'd share some photos from August.

Summertime produces such beautiful cloud photos. I never tire of looking at the sky during this season.

Mitch and I spent a few evenings on the deck playing games. Mother Nature sent her visitors, of course.

My sister's cat. Normally I am not a cat person, but Gigi is quite awesome.

The day that I visited my grandparents' farm, it was close to 100 degrees which meant it was too hot to spend any time outside until the evening. We stayed inside and played cards, enjoying the view from the windows.

I love this photo of Crickett. That yellow circle is a frisbee that Mitch brought home from a conference last summer. Instead of playing fetch with it like a normal dog, Crickett has made it a chew toy.

Another sky photo. Summer sunrises are gorgeous.

I despise blow-drying my hair. I think it's one of the worst things about getting ready for the day. Between my hatred for this activity and the hot weather, my hair was up in a ponytail for most of the month.

My Shasta Daisies are still alive (I think?). While I haven't seen any butterflies around them, I did catch this little dragonfly visiting one day. He wasn't shy at all!

Happy first day of September!


Amanda Jo said...

You are a very talented photographer!! I especially love the picture of the cloud with the sun rays peeking from behind it!

Megan.Margaret said...

bahhhaa!! That picture of Crickett is awesome. Bug eyed, much?

amber said...

I love the first picture!

That picture of Crickett is too funny. It looks like she's thinking, "Don't you dare take this away from me!"

There have been sooo many dragonflies this summer. I could deal with a thousand more in my backyard to eat up those stupid mosquitos!

Karen said...

Your photos always turn out so beautiful! I too have a lot of cloud pictures from this summer. The sky has been so amazing lately. Also, I too loathe blowdrying my hair. Blech.