Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thursday 13: Brought to You by the Letter "A"

1. Apples - Golden Delicious are my favorite.

2. Algebra - The best type of math, hands down.

3. Alliteration - Oh so much fun!

4. Albuterol - Generic name for the inhaler that I use. What did people with asthma do before inhalers?

5. Aunts - I have 16.

6. Airplanes - On the wallpaper in my bedroom at my parents. That was all dad's doing.

7. Acting - What one of my students thought I might do if I didn't teach. Um, what?

8. Asparagus - Not sure how I feel about it yet.

9. Autumn - Giving spring a run for its money as my favorite season.

10. Astrology - I used to be obsessed with this topic. I even did a speech on the signs of the zodiac in eighth grade.

11. Arizona - The only state that I've been to that starts with an 'A.'

12. Abercrombie & Fitch - Never been in one, never worn anything with that label.

13. Avatar - Last movie I watched.

*This idea came from Alisha at Izzy 'N Emmy*

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Anonymous said...

Do I sound like a geek if I say I also like Algebra?? ha ha! I recently tried asparagus for the first time with great success ... now I buy it voluntarily!! :)

Alice Audrey said...

16 Aunts!!

I've got one, and she's not even genetically related.

Teaching Money to Kids said...

Oh Algebra... Its what brought me and hubby together. And yes we did actually study. We both had the highest grades in the class. But, he was a pretty good excuse to study.
I think I would trade artichokes for asparagus.

jillconyers said...

Don't forget avocado and Ann Taylor.

Alice Audrey said...

Avatar was great. Not astounding like some people say, but still fun.

Algebra beats calculus in my book.

teacherwoman said...

16 aunts is a lot! You know I come from a large extended family, but I don't have 16 aunts! LOL

Totally agree with your #9!

Karen said...

Cute idea! I don't think I could even think of 13 'A' words AND apply them to myself!

Speaking of Asparagus, they had that as a category on Jeopardy the other night and I got every question right! First time ever. That means you have to like asparagus. It's a sign.