Monday, July 12, 2010

Happenings Around the House

Mitch has been a busy bee this past week. He has been staining the fence (and wearing sunscreen while doing it - my nagging has payed off!)

and hanging my clothesline (check out those sexy black socks with sandals!).

Crickett's been working hard on mouse patrol.

We've had a total of six little critters in the yard. Ick, ick, ick. Crickett enjoys the visitors, though, so I guess that's one positive.

As for me, summer is passing way too quickly; I haven't had enough time to enjoy all the beautiful days and all the activities going on. I'm looking forward to being done with summer school at the end of this month.

Until then, I'll be happy with the few precious moments that I do get to spend outside in the yard with my family.


amber said...

Your backyard is HUGE! How long did it take to stain the fence?

I love your clothesline. Currently, we are using our deck to hang clothes.

Crickett looks like she is very excited to be on mouse patrol.

Summer always goes by way to fast. :(

hilltopper said...

YAY for clothes lines!!!

i love fresh sheets and tee shirts.

Mollie said...

i LOVE a clothesline!!