Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Summer Stroll

Crickett and I took a different path on our walk tonight. While we were only a couple of blocks from our house, I felt as if I had escaped to the country.

The air smelled better.

The greenery looked greener.

The birds sounded prettier.

Soon this road closed sign will be gone, along with the beautiful, open views. Houses will be popping up everywhere and I'll have to grab my car keys instead of lacing up my sneakers to get out to the edge of the city.

I'm holding onto this little slice of heaven for as long as I can.


Megan.Margaret said...

Oh sadness. I'm sorry the country isn't in your backyard. I take it for granted!

Love the flower picture!

teacherwoman said...

Great pictures!

amber said...

Beautiful and so peaceful!