Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Christmas 2013 Recap, Part 1

I had five rounds of Christmas this year which thrilled me to no end!  I tell everyone (and have probably said it before on this blog) that my parents named me appropriately; it's the perfect name for this Christmas-obsessed gal!

Christmas, Round One took place a few days before Christmas with Mitch's extended family at his uncle's lake cabin.  The cozy house and beautiful scenery reminded me of a movie; I wish I would have taken a photo or two (2013 was definitely a year of slacking in the photography department).  Anyhoo, the day was filled with good food, humorous conversations, and a fun gift swap game at the end of the evening.  I walked away with one of the two coveted purses.  I'm pretty excited about it, particularly because it's covered in buttons.

Christmas, Round Two took place on Christmas Day with extended family on my dad's side.  As always, the food was delicious, the treats incredible, and the family amazing.  Sadly I have no photos of any of those things (told you I've been slacking!).

Christmas, Round Three took place on December 26th with Mitch and his parents (I'm sharing the specific date with you so I can show you the photo of this decoration my mother-in-law had out!  Wonderfully humorous, isn't it?)

After I got off from work (I've decided that I don't like working the day after Christmas so I'm taking it off next year if I'm able), we ate a tasty dinner, opened presents, then played Mexican Train dominoes (probably one of my all-time favorite games).  It was a great evening and I actually took several photos!

Rizzo and Crickett waiting to open presents.

My father-in-law trying to open his present.  Apparently dogs get very excited about golf gift certificates.

My mother-in-law with her new luggage.

Mitch is a fan of the Chicago Cubs and apparently he wants them to win a World Series sometime during his life; I've told him he shouldn't pick a team with the nickname "The Lovable Losers" if he wants that to happen.  Of course he had to be a dork when I asked him to hold up his shirt.

Holly got holly items for Christmas!  Aren't they great?!

I love my mother-in-law's Christmas decorations, especially her gingerbread houses.  They are so pretty and cozy!

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