Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Florida Vacation, Part 3

Remember that Florida vacation Mitch and I took in January - the one I started to tell you about and then quit after the Harry Potter adventures? Yeah, I haven't forgotten about the rest of the vacation and figured it's about time I stop being a bad blogger and share the rest of our adventures with you all! Here goes!

Day one of our vacation was spent at Universal's Islands of Adventure. The majority of the day was spent at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter (click here and here for those posts) and then the time we had left that evening was spent wandering around other areas of the park.

Jurassic Park! I really liked this area of the park; I thought the Jurassic Park movies were great when I was younger. The Jurassic Park River Adventure ride was fun but I really wanted to ride the Pterandon Flyers and was disappointed to learn that the only way adults can ride is if they are accompanying a child. Mitch and I thought they should have had a child-rental service somewhere so couples like us could enjoy all the rides. Perhaps I should have put that in the suggestion box?

Toon Lagoon! This was a very cute area of the park. I thought the quote bubbles they had scattered around were a lot of fun.

The Incredible Hulk Coaster! I'm not really one for rides; I don't go on anything that spins or goes upside down; needless to say, Mitch had to do some attractions alone. He didn't mind ("Single riders get on the rides faster!" he exclaimed) and I always have a good time people-watching (Ladies, when did leggings become a substitute for pants?)

Port of Entry Christmas Shoppe! As we were leaving the park, I saw a shop made just for me. *Sigh*

Day two of our vacation began again at Universal's Islands of Adventure. We had a few things we wanted to finish up at that park before we headed over to the Universal Studios Florida park.

Another walk through Toon Lagoon!

Mitch and I made the mistake of riding Popeye and Bluto's Bilge-Rat Barges first thing in the morning. Here's a description of the ride from the website:

Set sail for uncharted hilarity as you help Popeye the Sailor Man rescue Olive from the clutches of that big blowhard Bluto. Brave white-water rapids as this twisting, turning raft ride makes you wish you'd have brought your spinach... and a towel.

Some man getting off the ride when we were getting on informed us that we would get WET. Wet was an understatement - we got SOAKED and my jeans weren't dry until the end of the day, eight hours later. Walking around in wet pants all day was not the most enjoyable experience I've ever had on a vacation.

Storm Force Accelatron! Another ride that Mitch had to go on by himself. Obviously that didn't stop him from having a good time!

Tomorrow I'll share more from day two of our vacation!

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