Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wednesday Bullets

  • I haven't got my hair cut since November 2009. Isn't that awful?! I keep meaning to make an appointment, but never seem to get around to it. Plus, getting my hair cut is not my idea of a good time; I don’t enjoy the idle chit-chat that it requires. Anyhoo, here's a picture of the cut I want. Will it look like that after I come home and try to style it? Of course not, but it’s fun to dream. Where exactly does one learn the tricks to styling hair?

  • On Monday, Mitch and I finally got my fruit crate labels hung up in the dining room. I was going to buy frames for them but Mitch had the wonderful idea to build the side of a crate to put them on instead; they look great. We put two crates on the yellow wall and one on the green wall. This one is by far my favorite label - I kind of want to live in that picture.

  • Last night I barged in on my parents uninvited and ordered my mom to sew the missing buttons back on my coat. Let's give her a round of applause for her great work (and for putting up with a domestically deficient daughter like me). Thanks, Mom!

  • I'm getting very crabby with our weather. Winter needs to end already; I'm so sick of gloomy skies and nothing but white scenery. Last year it was 70 degrees and sunny; today's forecast looked like this (with the rest of the week quite similar)

  • Why is it I can't get my Florida vacation posts finished (or started for that matter)? It's been almost three months since our trip and I haven't even blogged about half of it! Well, here's a little vacation tidbit to get me rolling again. Mitch and I decided that for every vacation we go on together as a married couple, we're going to buy a Christmas ornament to commemorate the trip. We got one in Hawaii during our honeymoon, and here is the one we got in Florida at Walt Disney World.

    amber said...

    I can't style my hair either. I thought that this was some innate sense that women had. .. I was wrong.

    Love the fruit labels and the ornamanet - very cute!

    Hate, hate, hate this weather. I am with you! I also noticed that this weekend we are supposed to get more snow. :(

    Karen said...

    Way cute pics on the walls! Love them!

    Also, I really like that haircut... I think it would be beautiful on you! A word of warning though: I cut my hair in a style very similar to that a while back and while it was way cute, it was also surprisingly very high maintenance. No wash and wear at least for me... I had to style it really well otherwise it looked mullet-y. On a positive note, I learned how to curl my hair with a straightening iron!