Monday, January 31, 2011

Florida Vacation, Part 1

On our first day of vacation events, Mitch and I spent the day at Universal Studios Island of Adventure. The majority of the day was spent at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. If you're a Harry Potter fan, you have to see this place. It was absolutely wonderful and I could have spent several days looking at every thing this attraction had to offer.

Welcome to Hogsmeade! You can't see it very well in my photos, but the entrance sign says "Please respect the spell limits."We've entered Hogsmeade! My goodness were there visitors; we were packed into this area of the park like sardines.

The Hogwarts Express and the conductor.

Photo op with the conductor!


I loved all the colors and displays they had in this store. I think I could have spent several hours just taking photos.

I bought a carton of Bertie's Every Flavor Bean; it was so much fun trying the different flavors with my sister and a friend. I would have to say the "Earwax" flavor was the worst, with "Vomit" a close second.

You can't visit Hogsmeade and not have Butterbeer!

The drink was quite yummy; it tasted like cream soda with a very delicious, buttery foam on top.

Mitch and I ate at The Three Broomsticks for lunch.

The restaurant's interior was absolutely wonderful.

I had the Fish and Chips and I quite honestly think it was probably the best battered-fried fish I have ever had.

Mitch had the rotisserie chicken with a side of amazing potatoes.

We will continue our tour of Hogsmeade tomorrow, along with some photos of Hogwarts!

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