Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Florida Vacation, Part 2

Let's continue our tour of Hogsmeade and then check out Hogwarts!

The Weasley's car!

The Owl Post.

Photo op outside the Owl Post!

Inside the Owl Post - how cute are all those packages? The attention to detail inside these shops was incredible.

Outside of Olivander's, the wand shop.

Wands from floor to ceiling on every wall! A group of 30 or so is allowed in the wand shop at once and during that time, Olivander fits someone for a wand.

Hagrid's Hut.

Photo op with Hogwarts in the background.

Hogwarts from a distance. On the right side of the photo, you can see the track for the "Flight of the Hippogriff." It's a cute, child-friendly (a.k.a. Holly friendly) roller coaster. Wish I would have got a photo of it.

The entrance to Hogwarts.

Visitors walk through the castle on the way to the "Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey" attraction. Bags were not allowed on the ride, so I put my camera in a locker and, thus, have no photos of the interior. It was quite magical, though.

We walked through Dumbledore's office, the Dark Arts classroom, and the Gryffindor common room. The portraits on the walls spoke and moved from frame to frame like they were described in the books. So much fun!

I had a blast at this part of the park and was sad to leave. I would definitely go back to the Universal Studios Islands of Adventure just to go through the Wizarding World of Harry Potter!


hilltopper said...

sounds awesom! looks awesome, i guess i will have to go there if i want to see dumbledores office!

Anonymous said...

Aw this looks completely fabulous!! Showed it to my sister and we are definitely planning on going someday!! :)

teacherwoman said...

Definitely sounds like fun! Too cool!

Mollie said...

omg it makes me want to go there soooooo bad!!

Karen said...

Yeah! I'm so glad you guys got to go on such a fun trip... especially in the middle of WINTER! I had no idea there was a whole Harry Potter theme park... it looks awesome!