Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thursday 13: Brought to You by the Letter "F"

*Idea from Alisha at Izzy, Emmy 'N Alexander*

1. Fabio – I do not understand why women think he’s attractive. In fact, I would have to say that I find him unattractive.

2. Faint – I’ve never fainted nor have seen anyone faint.

3. Fall – I’ve decided that it beats spring as my favorite season. Congratulations, Autumn!

4. Farsighted – My mom and I are both farsighted. My glasses magnify my eyes and I was once told by a classmate that I looked like a “bug-eyed grasshopper.” Eighth-graders have great lines.
5. Fiction – The majority of what I read.

6. Fingerprint – I had to be fingerprinted in order to get my teaching license. Apparently the state doesn’t want criminals teaching its children.

7. Fish – I love fish, especially salmon. Unfortunately, I’m lacking in knowledge of how to prepare it (and more than likely the skills to do so).

8. Flapper – I dressed as one for Halloween back in college. The 1920s are my favorite decade.

9. Florida – Mitch and I are taking a vacation down there in January. I can hardly wait!

10. Flute - I played this instrument from the fifth grade through my senior year of high school. If I could go back I would play the violin instead.

11. Forrest Gump – One of my dad’s favorite movies. He’s probably watched it 5,000 times and quotes it way too much. I could go the rest of my life without ever seeing a clip or hearing a line from this movie and be happy.

12. Frugal – You’ll find a picture of Mitch and me in the dictionary next to this definition.

13. Fudge – One of the few chocolate treats that I don’t enjoy.

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Today's Triumph said...

Fun!!! I love salmon too - trust when I say its not hard to make. Just throw it on a pan, squeeze a little lemon juice, and wait about 10 minutes - Yum!

And Fall is my favorite season as well - I love the colors, the much needed cooler temps, excuses to stay indoors and read under a banklet, and the spices - mmm, pumpkin anything!

amber said...

I played the flute too!

Fudge just doesn't do it for me! Bleh!

Nessa said...

I don't understand the Fabio thing either.

Fall is my favorite season.

This was a fabulous list.

AuntieQ said...

Totally agree with #1, 3, & 11. LOVE fudge though! :)

Forgetfulone said...

We have some things in common. I'm a teacher (had to have fingerprints). I've been teaching 20-something years and NOW they want my fingerprints? Dont' like fudge. Love fiction. Love Fall. I don't "get" Fabio, either. But I have fainted before. Unpleasant.

teacherwoman said...

I too love fall. It's a nice change. I don't care for fudge either and have a hard time understanding why so many people LOOOOVE it. I am curious as to who called you the "bug-eyed grasshopper"... that's horrible.

hilltopper said...

i think you should add "make fish" to your to do list. the bag of tilapia fillets has directions on the back of the bag. super easy.

i dont care much for fudge either.

Adelle Laudan said...

I so agree with you about Fabio. He makes my skin crawl, and not in a good way.
Happy T13!

jillconyers said...

I totally agree with #1!! I also played the flute but not as long as you did.

Have a great weekend!

Brandt! said...

you don't like fudge?? oh no! and yes .. Fabio .. ugh!!