Thursday, August 5, 2010

Thursday 13: Brought to You by the Letter "D"

*Idea from Alisha at Izzy and Emmy.*

1. Deadheading – I thought my daisies were goners so I took them to my mom to see if she could revive them. She laughed at me and said that all they needed was to be deadheaded. I had never heard of such a thing - this getting domesticated stuff is hard!

2. Decisions – I can’t make 'em. Mitch loves that about me. *Wink*

3. Denim – I hate that I can’t find a pair of jeans that doesn’t have spandex in it. Jeans should not be stretchy in my opinion.

4. Dermatologist – I’ve never been to one. I may have to go in the near future, though, because I have these weird spots that are multiplying on my legs.

5. Designing Women – Loved that show!

6. Diapers – I love the sound they make when children are scooting around.

7. Diaries – I had two growing up. I was never very good at writing in them.

8. Dictionary – I keep mine by the novel I’m currently reading so if I don’t know a word I can look it up right away. Dictionaries are great fun.

9. Dormitory – I lived in the dorms for my first three years of college. My first two roommates left a lot to be desired but my third roommate was absolutely wonderful.

10. Doughnut – My favorite kinds are the ones with jelly in the middle.

11. Dragonflies – I think they are beautiful and even kind of cute. It makes me happy to see them flying around our yard.

12. Dressing – Mitch doesn’t use any dressing on his salads. Waiters/waitresses look kind of surprised when he says “no dressing.” I’m a ranch girl.

13. Dumplings – Dumplings and sauerkraut would definitely be one of the foods at my last meal.

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amber said...

I HATE decisions!

I am a French dressing girl, but I love ranch for french fries!

sherilee said...

Fun list! I might have to try that for a Thursday 13 some time...

I hate to say that I love making decisions; I don't do as well with the debate and process leading up TO the decision.

And my dressing is blue cheese. Always... already looking forward to a cobb salad with blue cheese for lunch!

sherilee said...

I have to add that the story about deadheading made me laugh. It's always amazing the things you're just "supposed to know" and if no one bothers to tell you... have fun getting domesticated!

Alice Audrey said...

In my lexicon "deadheading" means something else all together.

Megan.Margaret said...

i am terrible at decision making too! drives my mom crazy. Nice thing about skirts is that they don't have to fit in a thousand different places. Jeans are so annoying yet i wear them most days (they're also a good reality check lol!) Dressing: i used to be a ranch girl too, but now I usually just have olive oil and vinegar (granted the salad is filled with other nummy stuff such as mandarin oranges, strawberries, eggs, olives, chicken, cranberries and cheese (not necessarily all at the same time)

As for the sauerkraut...GROSS!

Forgetfulone said...

Hmm. Dumplings! And saerkraut? Together? I never would have thought of that. I loved this list. I feel like I know a little about you!

colleen said...

Delightfully done.

Brenda ND said...

Oh, yeah dead heading those daisy. A job I always put off. I like the other ds though. Happy TT!

Adelle Laudan said...

We are on the same wavelength this week. I won't even comment on dumplings and that other gag stuff lol
Happy Belated T13!

Karen said...

I used to love deadheading my roses. My favorite job in the garden!

I also keep a dictionary by my bed so I can look up words in the books I'm reading. So helpful! (although probably one of the reasons I didn't make it through War and Peace)

Dragonflies are the best. As are sugar donuts and blue cheese dressing.

hilltopper said...

i am so with you on the jeans!! whats the deal with that?