Monday, August 9, 2010

Missing: Brownie Chunks

Dear Dairy Queen,

Your Chocolate Xtreme Blizzard used to be absolutely wonderful. I'm saddened to say that this summer, however, your "chocoholic" icecream treat has been nothing but a let down. I have ordered it several times in the past couple of months and have received nothing but a cup of icecream with a few chocolate shavings. What happened to the brownie chunks? They made this Blizzard. They need to be in that cup.

Because my Blizzard this past Saturday was so ridiculously boring, I had to add my own M&Ms when I got home. What would I have done had I not had a stash of chocolate candies in my freezer? Things would not have been pretty.

Needless to say, I'm very disappointed in you and have no interest in continuing this relationship until the brownie chunks return. Don't expect a birthday present from me.



amber said...

Bummer. What a disappointment!

I had their strawberry lemondade chiller on Saturday night. Very good!

Megan.Margaret said...

You could always get a large, take some of the ice cream out and have a better chunk to ice cream ratio.
But I would still take a stand, and refuse to give a present.

Karen said...

Don't you hate it when they mess with something you love and RUIN it? Big jerk faces.

hilltopper said...

i had to giggle a little at the birthday present line.

Anonymous said...

The midnight truffle blizzard is still good...they haven't ruined that one yet!