Thursday, September 24, 2015

Thursday 13: Fall 2015 on Etsy

Since yesterday was the first official day of autumn I had no other choice than to do an Etsy finds for this edition of Thursday 13.  Etsy, fall, and lists - a magnificent trio!  So, here are the items I fell in love with when I typed in the keyword "fall." (All photos from the Etsy shops.  Click on description to visit the shop.)

1.  Pretty fall leaf necklace.

2.  This adorable checkered dress looks so comfortable.  (I would need leggings, though!)

3.  Can I jump into this painting and walk down that path?  I can imagine the fresh, crisp smells filling my nose, hear the leaves crunching under my feet. *Sigh*

4.  Lovely painted mason jars.  Also, if I could get those flowers along with the jars that would be great because they look perfect together.

5.  How beautiful is this chevron blanket?  I'd love to curl up with a book under this beauty.

6.  Stunning amber earrings.

7.  The colors and patterns on these pumpkins are wonderful.

8.  This felt leaf burlap garland is so festive!

9.  Love the fun color blocking on this sweater.

10.  Beautiful wheat wreath.

11.  Gorgeous batik lidded basket.

12.  I'm not good at styling my hair but I would try really hard with this autumn leaf hair cup.  Such a pretty, unique accessory!

13.  How charming is this canvas?


CountryDew said...

Lovely items. I like the painting and the basket.

Mia Celeste said...

I like all your fall things especially the dress.