Tuesday, September 1, 2015

101 in 1001, Round 2 - 100 Happy Days, Days 82 Through 90

I can't believe I only have one more collage and a final photo before I'm done with this challenge!  It has gone by so fast!  Here are  Days 82 Through 90 of the 100 Happy Days Challenge!  (Descriptions left to right, top to bottom.)

Day 82:  The cozy quilt my parents gave me for my birthday (only two and half months late - that's how our family rolls!).

Day 83:  The park district I work for hosted its first dog parade and social to raise money for the dog park.  Such a great day - adorable dogs, wonderful people!  Feeling proud of my employer and even more in love with my community.

Day 84:  Finished furniture shopping for the house!  So excited to get the last pieces and then start decorating!

Day 85:  Watching my crazy little girl roll in her bowls of food after I fill them.  The laughs she gives me are always worth the hassle of clean up.

Day 86:  Spoiling my little girl with special treats on National Dog Day!

Day 87:  Coming home from work to a fun little gift hanging from my front door.  I have sweet friends.

Day 88:  Re-reading a classic.  I read To Kill a Mockingbird in high school (nearly 20 years ago!) but I don't remember much of it other than I liked it.  I'm really looking forward to reading it as an adult; I think I'll be able to appreciate it even more now.

Day 89:  The garden centers at home improvement stores.  So much fun looking at all the lovely fountains and flowers (and daydreaming I have a knack for those things!).

Day 90:  The look of a freshly mowed lawn.  Love those lines!

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Tee Jay Generalao said...

It was cute! The collage also , I imagined the Day 85 , it was cool and sweet to see it lol. Thanks for sharing your Happiness days, It is good to readMs.Holly'