Thursday, March 19, 2015

Thursday 13: Spring 2015 on Etsy

As we approach the official first day of spring tomorrow, I obviously had to do one of my favorite kind of Thursday 13: Etsy finds!  So, without further ado, here are the items I found and loved on Etsy when I typed in the keyword "spring."  (All photos from the Etsy shops.  Click on description to visit the shop.)

2.  Tree watercolor. (LOTS of great work in this shop!)

3.  Seed packet bunting.  So charming!

4.  Spring Field oil painting.  Can I grab a book and go sit out there? *Sigh*

5.  Glass floral earrings.

6.  Floral tote.

7.  Wreath.

8.  Daffodil spoon ring.

9.  Little spring crate!  How adorable is this?!

10.  Pretty pillow.  So many bright, cheerful items in this shop!

11.  Hand-painted teapot.  I'm smitten!

12.  Floral and cherry print wedges.

13.  Ridiculously awesome "flower power" dress!  I absolutely adore the bright, cheerful colors and patterns!  *Squeal!!!*

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