Monday, March 23, 2015

2015 Catching Up: January Tidbits

I realize I didn't write much about January (or February . . . or March) so I thought I'd do a little catching up series now while it's still the current year of the tidbit.  I have enough posts I want to write about events that happened years ago and didn't feel I needed to add more to that list!

So, onto (random, semi-insignificant, super-ridiculous) tidbits from the first month of the year!

I had New Year's Day off from work and the weather was somewhat decent (about 20 degrees with little wind) so Crickett and I went for a walk.  It's so hard to get walks in during the winter; even if it's not bitterly cold or snowing there is very little daylight left by the time we get home from work.

In November I turned over my existing Instagram account to Crickett and at the beginning of this year I decided to start a "personal" account.  It's not nearly as popular as Crickett's - seriously, she has 950 followers and I have like 75! - but it's a fun little space for me to post snapshots (of things like gorgeous sunsets!) and tidbits and find other people who do the same.  Instagram is like mini-blogging to me and I think that's why I enjoy it so much; documentation is taking place but in a super short and sweet manner.  Speaking of blogging and Instagram, I hope to revamp my blog in the near future (I'm not really sure what my definition of "near" is!) and get one of those fancy widget-thingys that allows you direct access to my Instagram account.  Don't hold your breath; it's going to be a while.  I'm not tech savvy.

On January 8th, my parents, my sister and her boyfriend, and Mitch and I celebrated Christmas.  It's kind of fun having one late celebration because it spreads out the magic of the season just a little bit longer.  Plus, you have the opportunity to find some great after-Christmas deals!  (I may give this Christmas celebration it's own recap post in December when I want to do Christmasy posts!)

I work within about two blocks of two different thrift stores.  It's quite wonderful and I've spent many lunch hours perusing the items these places have to offer.  In January, I learned that the Christmas store in the lower level of my favorite thrift store has a massive "purging" sale at the end of every Christmas season.  I got a whole grocery bag of Christmas and winter knick-knacks for $1.00!  You can bet this event is going to be added to my calendar every year like the used book sale.  (Again, I will share my $1.00 bag of finds in December when I feel like doing Christmasy posts!)  The lovely guy below was just a random item I saw during one of my visits; I did not buy him but he made me laugh and wonder why on earth anyone had owned him in the first place.

While putting away my manger scene, I dropped one of the cute little sheep and his leg broke off; Mitch glued it back on but the little guy will never be the same.  I'm trying to embrace my word of the year and accept the fact that these things happen and that the scar will give the sheep some character!  That or I can always put him towards the back of the scene with his bum leg facing away from viewers. ;)

I had my annual gynecological visit and had to laugh when I saw the covers the clinic had put on the stirrups; I guess they were excited about Valentine's Day coming up! I then had a series of thoughts:  Do they decorate for other holidays?  Do other clinics have festive stirrup covers?  Where do you buy stirrup covers - is there a company that specializes in them?  Who picks the stirrup covers out?  Okay, I think that's about all I can say about this topic. ;)

One night at dinner I asked Mitch what I thought was a simple question about football; my suspicions were confirmed and there is absolutely nothing simple about football.  Mitch grabbed a pen and paper (that's when you know you're really in trouble) and started writing and pointing at locations and names.  I lost interest after about five seconds but took this photo because it gave me something to do while he was talking.

There you have it: some of my completely random, semi-insignificant, and super-ridiculous tidbits from January!  Stay tuned for the February installment!

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