Saturday, February 7, 2015

November Happenings: Purchases

Remember when I was going to write about November in installments before the month ended?  Yeah, I'm laughing about that attempt, too.  Anyhoo, I'm rolling with the cliche "It's better late than never" and doing some major catching up on this little ol' blog of mine.  So here we have another November Happenings.

Mitch bought a 65-inch television on Black Friday to put in our basement when it's finished; it's definitely going to look nice mounted above a fireplace.  I think our family room is going to be a very cozy place to hang out and watch TV or movies  Mitch is already envisioning falling asleep with Crickett while watching football.

More importantly and much more fun, our other big purchase of the month was a new camera!  Behold, the beauty that is the Sony a5000!

I really didn't like the last point-and-shoot we bought (only about a year prior to this camera - oops!) and did some whining about it.  Long story short, Mitch told me to do my research and this is the camera I found.  The Sony a5000 is approximately the size of a point and shoot - a little larger because of the lens (interchangeable!) but will still fit in a larger purse - and has all the functionality of a DSLR.  Plus, it has wi-fi capabilities which I'm pretty excited about!  I've used this camera for several occasions already without knowing anything about it and my photos turned out wonderfully; I can only imagine what I'll be able to do once I've read the manual and played around more!

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