Sunday, December 8, 2013

November Tidbits: Books and Cameras

I mentioned in my last post that I was reading Chris Bohjalian's novel Before You Know Kindness.  Well, I made it to page 82 before I had to call it quits.  The book was slow-moving, repetitive, and I really didn't like any of the characters.  I am always hesitant about giving up on a book but I've come to the conclusion - and was backed by my cousin who voiced the same opinion - that life is too short to read books that do nothing for you.  So, I moved on to bigger and better things!

Nearly six years and thousands of pictures later, my husband mentioned upgrading our point-and-shoot camera.  Being the photography enthusiast I am, I wasn't going to argue with something new and better than what I currently had so the week before Thanksgiving we purchased a new camera.  I kinda sorta miss my old camera, the way I could just whip it out and know exactly how to get to the setting(s) I wanted, but I know once I actually start warming up to the new camera, the same feelings will unfold.  Time to capture more memories!

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