Friday, September 9, 2011

Screen Door and Socks

I've been wanting a screen door since Mitch and I moved into our house nearly three years ago. On Wednesday, my dear husband finally found the time to install one. It was kind of a stressful deal involving lots of swearing and a little bleeding, but that's beside the point; it's up and I'm very excited to have another place where I can see outside and another space where the fall sun can shine in. (Anyone else THRILLED that autumn is coming?)

And on Wednesday evening at practice, one of my wonderful roller derby friends gave me these socks to wear with my skates.  Cute, huh?  But notice how none of them match?  Apparently that's the "hip" thing right now and all the "cool" kids are doing it.  I personally think she is trying to give me a complex.  If she hadn't bought these out of town, I probably would have run to the store to buy another pack in order to have matching pairs!  Think I can handle this mismatch business?


Jaclyn T said...

Oh gosh, I could not deal with wearing mismatched socks!

Caity said...

Yay switching to a screen is such an exciting thing! I seriously can't handle mismatched socks. That's why I generally only buy solid colour socks because if you lose patterned socks it's all over but if you lose a solid sock you can put it with another solid sock.