Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Life Update

1.  If you haven’t guessed it yet, I have dropped out of the Spring Fever Challenge.  I like challenges (and Amy's are great!) so I may join another one like this in the future but right now I just want to concentrate on my 101 in 1001 list.

2.  Speaking of 101 in 1001, over the weekend I read the short story The Hunter’s Wife by Anthony Doerr.  I do not enjoy short stories because I can’t seem to develop a connection with the characters and this story was no exception.  (Sorry, Moll!) I went in with an open mind but apparently this is just not the type of reading for me.

3.  Earlier in the month, I was given the Stylish Blogger Award by Lisa at Charlie the Cavalier.  Thank you, Lisa! 

As part of the award, here are three of Crickett's quirks:

Crickett prefers dirt (and even snow) over grass.

Crickett will only drink water out of the cup in our master bathroom.  Her bowl is always full of water but it only gets used by puppy visitors.

Crickett loves to have her neck blown on.

4.  Between a trip to Washington D.C. and working the night shift, Mitch has been gone more evenings this month than he has been home.  During this time, I became a night owl and discovered reruns of “How I Met Your Mother” and “The New Adventures of Old Christine.”  I really like these shows and would venture to say that “How I Met Your Mother” has even made it onto my list of favorites; I now understand the good reviews it got from everyone.

5.  Mitch and I have been dealing with water in our basement again this spring.  We had a landscaping company come over to work on the issues contributing to the problem.  So now, instead of green grass, we have a patch of dirt on the west side of our house.  Combine dirt patches with wind and you have a situation that is not ideal for hanging clean laundry out on the clothesline.  Bummer.

6.  I got A’s in all of my classes this spring!  I start summer school on May 31st and will be busy with that until July 31st.  I will be taking two courses, “Principles of Macroeconomics” and “Management Information Systems”; sounds like exciting stuff, huh?  I received my graduation audit several weeks ago and it looks like I will have a Bachelor of Science in Accounting degree at the end of the spring 2012 semester.  So thrilled!

7.  On Saturday I watched my sister and her derby team compete in their first home bout.  It was so much fun and my sister did an amazing job as a jammer.  I was so proud of her and lost my voice from screaming so much.  Yesterday I bought my derby gear and on June 6th I have my first practice.  I cannot wait!


Amy said...

you're definitely not the only one! Lots of people have stopped posting... and to be perfectly honest had I not started the challenge myself I would have probably dropped out too. I've been SOOOOO BUSY and it's been super hard for me to keep up with it this season! I'm letting someone else run the summer one and hoping to jump back into it in the Fall.

amber said...

I am a huge fan of How I Met Your Mother. Such a good show!

I'm sorry about your water issues. We had some too this winter/spring. We need our driveway fixed. Ahhh..homeownership!

Good look with the roller derby, you will be FABULOUS!

Jess and Matt said...

HIMYM's the best! Love, love, love it.