Monday, November 8, 2010

101 in 1001

I have jumped on the 101 in 1001 bandwagon and I'm extremely excited about it! I've even convined a few others to start a list! I hope to blog about each task so we can all see my progress.

A couple of important numbers:
Start Date - November 7, 2010
End Date - August 5, 2013

Here we go!

Embroider something
Applique something
Sew curtains for the dining room
Sew an article of clothing
Give my scrapbooking desk a facelift
Learn how to use a round brush
Learn how to tie a tie
Organize all my computer files
Make a background for my blog
Celebrate 25 days of Christmas and blog about it

Plant a vegetable garden
Hang a birdfeeder in the yard
Decorate the yard with plants and flowers
Mow the lawn
Learn how to use the snow blower

Read a nonfiction novel
Read a classic novel
Read a memoir
Read a book series
Read a book in one day
Reread a book
Listen to an audio book
Read a short story
Watch a classic movie
Watch a documentary
Watch a foreign film
Watch a movie series
Watch an entire television series

Have a “professional” family photo taken
Send out family Christmas cards
Play catch with Mitch
Ride with Mitch during a day shift
Set up a play date for Crickett
Go on a strudel ride with dad
Visit every thrift store in town with my sister
Take a road trip with the girls
Give five handmade cards
Give five handmade gifts
Meet a blog friend

Dye my hair
Try dry shampoo
Go shopping on Black Friday
Ride in a hot air balloon
Play Bingo at a bingo hall
Attend an estate sale
Go cross-country skiing at night
Go snowshoeing
Try a vegetable I’ve never had before
Try a fruit I’ve never had before
Listen to five new musical artists
Eat at five new restaurants
Earn a bachelor’s degree in accounting
Attend a church service led by Pastor Nate
See a comedian
Ride a horse
Buy a piano
Buy a sewing machine

Run a 5K
Run a 10K
Run a half marathon
Run a marathon
Complete the one-hundred push-ups challenge
Complete the two-hundred sit-ups challenge
Complete the one-fifty dips challenge
Complete the two-hundred squats challenge
Become flexible enough to touch my toes
Reach my goal weight
Take a spinning class
Attempt yoga for 30 days
Find out my blood type
Give acupuncture a try
Visit a dermatologist
Find a family dentist

Volunteer at the local humane society
Volunteer at the library's used book sale
Go through the Holiday Home Walk
Go through the Garden Walk
Attend a local Symphony-Orchestra concert
Visit the Former Governor’s Mansion
Ride the Lewis and Clark Riverboat
Go to a barn dance
Travel the Enchanted Highway
Visit Dickens Village
Visit the Geographical Center of North America

Organize digital photos
Organize film photos
Read point-and-shoot camera manual
Read DSLR cameral manual
Read photography emails
Work my way through Photo Idea Index by Jim Krause
Work my way through a Photoshop tutorial book
Take a photo that I normally wouldn’t take for fear of embarrassing myself
Start a photography blog
Start and complete Project 365
Photograph five North Dakota towns
Give a photo of mine as a gift

Get an imprint of Crickett’s nose made as a necklace
Write to Sally, updating her on Crickett
Donate money to a needy Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Thank an employee for great service and notify the manager
Host a giveaway on my blog


teacherwoman said...

What a great list! how did you come up with all of these?!

A great easy Memior - 3 Weeks with my Brother by Nicholas Sparks.

amber said...

This is a great list, Holly!

There are so many things on your list that I want to do too!

Spin Class is once you get past the part where you feel like you're going to die!

Also, Bingo is great, but those people take it so seriously!!

Mollie said...

This is a FANTASTIC list! So inspiring!! You go girl!!

Andrea said...

Go sissY!!! :)

Karen said...

Wow Holly! What a great idea! So many things to do! I swear I had a thought for almost every single one of these items so I'm going to have to narrow down my comments. Here goes:

I totally want to try dry shampoo too! I hope it works... and also, round brushes are awesome once you get the hang of it. I found one that has a release button on the end just in case you get it stuck! While we're on the hair thing I was so nervous to dye my hair for the firs time, but now I love it. My hair looks so much shinier!

I too want to read a book series this year. Not sure what it'll be yet. Let me know if you find a good one. I could probably recommend a book for every other category though, especially the audiobooks!

Also, your fitness goals are impressive! I haven't been doing too good with mine lately. But I'm getting back on the wagon... gotta get those pushups in!

Anyway, good luck with all that! I'm sure you'll do great!

Karen said...

Ok so I finally made my list... whew! It was a lot harder than I thought it would be! Thanks for the idea!