Thursday, May 19, 2011

Five Freebies

Today I'm joining Amy at Life's Journey With a Smile and playing "Celebrity Freebies."

Here are the five famous men with whom I could "spend time" and not get in trouble with Mitch.

John Krasinski

Jared Padalecki

Gerard Butler

Tom Brady

David Beckham

Honorable Mentions:

Brad Paisley

Dennis Quaid

Here are the five famous women with whom Mitch could "spend time" and not get in trouble with me.

Heather Graham

Scarlett Johansson


Katy Perry

Katherine Heigl

Honorable Mentions:

Taylor Swift

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Who makes your list?


Amy said...

I love your list. Time and time again I'm reminded how silly I was to forget John. Ooops!

michelle said...

awww dennis quaid. i bet he'd be a great cuddler :)

DiamondsOnMySoles said...

I'm not allowed a list!! ha ha! I can't actually believe David Beckham is on yours - have you heard him talk?? You'd have to wear earplugs to drown out the whine :) ... or maybe this is one of those ones where the English accent trumps the tone?

teacherwoman said...

Ooh, I like Gerald Butler and Brad Paisley. I would like to add Blake Shelton and Jason Kubel (Twins)!

Jumble Mash said...

Awesome list!

megan said...

My husband just shouted, "I forgot ScarJo on my list!" You reminded him lol. :) Dude, Beckham is dreamy. I am insanely jealous of Posh.

Shannon @ BetterNextTime said...

Jared P. - just for being Dean on the Gilmore Girls. Swoon. Good call!!

Jessica said...

John K yessss!!! Haha, he seems to be on everyone's list!

weightwars said...

Ahhh David B holds a lovely place in my little British heart. Nations sweetheart lol. I wouldn't want to go up against Victoria though.

hilltopper said...

2 words: Johnny Depp.

and yes definitely Jared P.......what...oh i thought you said something.......

(that was my day dream moment)