Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thursday 13: Brought to You by the Letter "O"

*Idea from Alisha at Izzy, Emmy 'N Alexander*

1. Oatmeal – I eat mine with brown sugar.

2. Oceans – I’ve visited the Pacific and the Atlantic.

3. Olives – I enjoy black olives on their own, but not so much in or on other food products.

4. Olympics – My favorite event in the winter Olympics is ice-skating and my favorite event in the summer Olympics is gymnastics.

5. Omelet – I cannot eat these because they are just too much egg for me.

6. Onions – I’ve only recently discovered the deliciousness of this bulb.

7. Online - Four of my five classes next semester are online. It's strange not really getting to know your instructors.

8. Operation – The only official surgery I’ve had was having my wisdom teeth removed.

9. Oprah – I can appreciate the things she’s done for people, but I find her annoying on her show.

10. Orange – The color Mitch and I plan on painting our downstairs bathroom when it’s finished.

11. Oregon Trail – A favorite computer game from elementary school that I still enjoy playing. I don't think I've ever made it to Oregon successfully.

12. Ornament - Mitch and I bought our 2010 Hallmark Christmas ornament back in October. Can't wait to hang it up on the tree!

13. Oreos – I do not dunk mine.

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A Redhead Named Sam said...

What a great T13 theme list. :)

3. Have you tried olive bread? I find it so deliciously yummy! And I can down a can of olives all on my own - they are a wonderful snack.

11. You know, come to think of it, I don't recall ever making it to Oregon myself...I think my family kept getting knocked off by Chicken Pox.

amber said...

Loved the Oregon Trail!

My favorite summer Olympic sport is diving!

Amanda Jo said...

Oregon Trail is the best!!!!! I'm also glad to hear you've developed a love for onions - they are soooooo good!!

colleen said...

Oh, I love the letter O. I'm at the ocean now.

Adelle Laudan said...

Gasp! You don't dunk your oreo's? I hope you at least take them apart and lick the middle lol

Fun list. Happy T13!

Sandee said...

Great list, and I had to chuckle about your Oprah comment. I feel exactly the same way about her. Condescending comes to mind when I hear her.

Have a terrific day. :)

Thursday Thirteen

jen said...



kandyblossom said...

Fun list!

I would have to add Oklahoma...I can't wait to move back...and favorite month.

Feel the same way about Oprah. I know she is a wonderful person, but just can't stand to watch her.

Happy TT!

sherilee said...

Great list of O things...

I am a big fan of the ocean, oreos, oatmeal, omeletes and onions. Yum.

Orange is my second favorite color (after green)... And not much of an Oprah fan either. I like her magazine better than her show, since there's less of HER in it!

Karen said...

I seriously always want to comment on every single one of these words. I'll try to keep this brief:

Oatmeal- brown sugar is my favorite!
Olives- Black ones are my least favorite.
Omelet- I don't much like these either.
Oprah- Ditto your sentiments
Oreos- I hate dunking my cookies too!