Monday, June 1, 2009

Monday Mishmash

  • My last day of school was on Friday, May 22. It was a tough day for me. Actually, the whole last week of school was kind of tough. The teachers gave me a going-away lunch which was not only thoughtful, but quite delicious. It saddened me even more to be leaving. The students made me cards and posters thanking me for a great year and telling me they would miss me. It breaks my heart knowing that I will no longer be a part of their lives and, to be honest, I'm a little jealous of the teacher that will replace me because he or she will get to spend their days with the kids I enjoyed so much. It was a wonderful school year despite all the difficult periods.

  • Several days ago I took the first (and probably the hardest) step in accomplishing two of my 2009 goals. First, I registered to run in an organized race. I voluntarily signed up and paid money to run 13.1 miles. I feel absolutely crazy for doing so and the thought of participating now makes me want to puke. I feel ridiculously unprepared to run a half-marathon but I've been looking at training schedules and I definitely have a decent amount of time to train for the September race. That knowledge doesn't weaken the nervous factor. Second, I registered for a photography class. The online class, which starts in about two weeks, focuses on people photography. I’m extremely excited about all the things I will learn because I have very little knowledge of this area of photography. I’m also very nervous. Like with the half-marathon, I feel completely unprepared and even though the instructor promises that beginners can take this course, I’m still worried.

  • In May, I blogged seven out of 31 days, or 22.6% of the month. While not a beautiful number, I broke my pattern of decreasing percentages. Perhaps I can bust out of the 20% range in June. That would mean I have to blog at least nine times - I'm pretty confident that I can do it.

  • Tomorrow is my birthday. I can hardly believe that it's this time of year already. I also can't believe that I will be 28 years old! Where does the time go?


amber said...

ooh Happy Birthday tomorrow!!!

I have no doubt that you will be able to run a half marathon and rock at the photography course!

hilltopper said...

haaaaaaaappy biiiiirthdaaaaay, toooo youuuuuu!

thats me singing you happy birthday.
go now, and have some fun, eat at the big boy or something.

teacherwoman said...

I am sure it was hard to leave school, knowing that you weren't going to be returning! What's your plan now?

Glad to hear you were able to sign up for a half marathon and photography class! How fun!

Happy Birthday... tomorrow! 28 is a good year... has been for me, thus far!

Carla said...

Happy Birthday Holly--hope you have a wonderful day. Carla

Sharon said...

Happy Birthday, daughter! Enjoy your day...birthdays are great!
Love you,
Mom & Dad

Kerri said...

I didn't realize that you were leaving the school....I think I missed that part. What are your future plans?

AND how exciting to be running the 1/2 marathon.

I'm sure you'll LOVE the photography class. I haven't had the guts to sign up for one inspire me!!