Sunday, January 25, 2009


During our marriage classes, my husband and I were told what animals describe our personalities and the way we deal with difficult situations.

I am a turtle. When things are upsetting or uncomfortable, I retreat into my shell and stay there until I feel it's safe to come back out. I like to deal with things by myself, which often means in my own little world away from others.

This past week was an extremely tough one for me. Despite the blue skies and warm weather, life was anything but a bowl of sunshine. So, I went into hiding; I let myself escape for a while. I dealt with things the best way I knew how, and I now I'm ready to come back out of my shell and join the rest of the world.


hilltopper said...

im glad youre back! i can relate to hiding when things get tough. im glad youre feeling better.

Mollie said...

glad to hear it darling!! i'm sorry you were feeling poor, glad things are looking up!

Amber said...

I am totally a turtle too!

What is Mitch?

I am glad that things are looking up!

teacherwoman said...


Glad to hear you are back. Sometimes a person just needs time away to deal with things. I hope all is better.

Kerri said...

I've missed you!! I am a bit like that as well.

Hope your week is wonderful!!