Sunday, January 11, 2009

Mad Gabbing With Mom and Dad

Yesterday morning Mitch and I did some shopping for groceries and other important household items. We have made countless trips already and minutes after returning home, we had another list started. It will be nice to be settled and not having to run out to the store every day for something or other.

After our shopping trip, we cleaned and finished putting things away. A week after moving in, we have only a handful of things to find homes for. It's exciting to be almost done!

You know what else is exciting? Yesterday I did my first load of laundry in my new machines! While it was still fun, and everything came out clean (as far as I could tell), I'm not sure I'm completely sold on the front-loading washer. Of course I love her for the plain and simple fact that she's a washer, but there are a few things I'm skeptical about: the volume of clothing she can hold (which manufacturer's claim is the same as top-loading washers) and the amount of water used (where is all the water?!). I'm sure I'll get over these things in no time, but I'll forever hear my husband calling me old-fashioned for worrying about it in the first place. Perhaps he should watch what he says or he can add laundry to his list of chores (which is currently everything other than laundry - yes, I'm spoiled).

Last night we had our parents over for dinner and games. It was the first time they were able to come over to our house to do something other than help us paint or move. It was a fun first "get-together" at our house. We ate pizza and played Mad Gab. Mitch and I received this game as a wedding gift and it was the first time we were actually able to play it. It is a ridiculously fun game - it had us laughing all night. I highly recommend it.

Today as been pretty uneventful so far which has been nice. Another trip for groceries/household items is in store (boo!) and then Sunday dinner with the in-laws (yay!).

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!


Caity said...

Ahh Mad Gab is so fun! I am glad you were able to have a nice evening. :)

hilltopper said...

as long as it washes, and the dryer dries, i wouldnt question it.

are there plans in the spring for a clothes line to be raised? i have been considering a clothes pin bag as my next project, perhaps i will make that 2 clothes pin bags. :)

teacherwoman said...

Mad Gab is fun! Looks like you guys had a nice night with the 'rents!

Do you want to come and unpack a few of my boxes and organize? I still have a spare bedroom full of boxes and books that I don't know where I want to place them... LOL

Amber said...

I love Mad Gab!! My future in law has the front loading washer too. It took her some time to get used to it, but now she loves it!

I would be skeptical too, but I love that it saves on water!

Mollie said...

love love love the family get-togethers. cant wait to make many memories at your new place!!!

Kerri said...

"I'll meet you half way"!

Oh, this looks like my kind of game!! I may have to go out and buy it for myself....and if no one will play it with me, I'll just have fun figuring out the sentences myself.

I LOVE your table!! And how cute that all of you had WHITE SOCKS on in the picture.....if that were my house, we would probably all have mismatched socks on :)