Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Tasting the Rainbow

Sugar has been the main staple of my diet this past week. I'm trying to be a good child and help my parents eat their extra Halloween candy; I must say, if awards were given based on this act, I would be the next Daughter of the Year.

While the majority of my sweets has been chocolate, and I'll never complain about chocolate, the highlight of my week has been the Skittles. I haven't had Skittles in quite some time and have forgotten how much I enjoy the colorful little spheres. Not only are they tasty, the process is so much fun. See, I have a system. Skittles must be consumed in order of least favorite to most favorite: yellows first, oranges second, greens third, purples fourth, and reds fifth. Of course, all these colors must be eaten in even numbers whenever possible. I prefer two at a time, but sometimes I get crazy and pop four in my mouth at once. I know, I'm wild.

So tell me, do you have any type of candy-eating process?


teacherwoman said...

I am the same with Skittles, eating in color order that is (not evens). But my order is like this: Yellow, orange, purple, green, then red. LOVE the red. I HEART Skittles

Anonymous said...

I haven't had skittles in forever. I love the wild berry kind, yum!!

My skittle order would be orange, yellow, green, purple and red.

I'm more of a chocolate girl though.

Chocolate skittles? They aren't the same.

Caity said...

Oh my gosh! Maybe it's a math thing, but I eat my Skittles almost the same way. Just a different order. :)

hilltopper said...

a process? does eat as much as you can before your kid realizes you are breaking into his ToT stash count as a process? if so, thats mine.

and with your skittle process mine would be purpleyelloworangegreenred (im eating them quickly)