Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Breakfast Dessert

My favorite part of today's "after-work" conversation:

Mitch: "Guess what we had for breakfast at the Academy today."

Holly: "What?"

Mitch: "Potato pancakes."

Holly: "I've heard those are supposed to be good."

Mitch: "They were disgusting."

Holly: "Okay then."

Mitch: "We also had poached eggs that weren't cooked all the way through."

Holly: "Gross."

Mitch: "Oh and get this - the cook made breakfast dessert."

Holly: "Every meal should have dessert."

Mitch: "It was oatmeal bacon cookies."

Holly: "What?"

Mitch: "Oatmeal bacon cookies."

Holly: "Oh..."

Mitch: "They were pretty gross."

(Insert lots of digusted faces from my husband and lots of laughter from me throughout the conversation.)

I don't know about you, but I don't think bacon really has a place in the dessert section of any cookbook.


hilltopper said...

does he HAVE to eat it or can he take , like a sack breakfast?

theyre going to poison everyone with half cooked eggs!

Anonymous said...

oatmeal bacon cookies? Yeah, doesn't sound very good.


teacherwoman said...

That's disgusting! Blech!

...a taste of me said...

I just "lol"ed reading that! That does sound like a pretty gross meal!

Kerri said...


Mollie said...

that is so hillarious!!! omg!!