Sunday, November 23, 2008

An Old Post

I was organizing some files on my computer this afternoon and came across a word document containing the posts from my first blog. There were only three (I was a not a good blogger!) and below is the only post I felt was worth saving.

Future Full of Laughter – May 9, 2007

My fiancé and I picked out our clothing last night for our upcoming engagement pictures. It was interesting, probably more interesting than it needed to be.

I am ridiculous. Should I ever forget this, I know I'll have my other half there to remind me just as he so kindly did last night. (Perhaps we should include that in our vows. "I promise to always remind you when you're being crazy.")

Did you know that if you coordinate your clothing even a little, then you're trying too hard? Apparently, that's how it works. However, if you wear things that don't match, you look messy and just plain laughable. As you could imagine, this left us in quite a predicament. What are you supposed to do in a situation like this? Well, I was hoping the clothing gods would drop some beautifully coordinated but not-coordinated outfits into our hands and the job would be done. Believe it or not, that didn't happen. We were left to fend for ourselves. Let me tell you, it was tough. That was one hour of hard work. (I do realize that it shouldn't have taken a whole hour.)

It was a memorable hour. I received a lot in those sixty minutes. I got numerous eye rolls and sighs, several comments on my mental stability, but most importantly, a glimpse of my future. A future full of laughter.


teacherwoman said...

Ah, yes, I remember this post! Too funny! Thanks for sharing again!

Anonymous said...

That's a great post and I love the photo. You guys are adorable.

Caity said...

Aw, that's definitely one to keep. I love it! That's a great picture, too.

hilltopper said...

you look wonderfully un coordinated. my husband likes for all 3 of us to be coordinated but not coordinated for church, if his sweater clashes with my blouse, he will change and if my blouse clashes with The Boy's shirt he will ask, "is that what youre going to wear?" which is code for someone is going to have to change clothes.

...a taste of me said...

I'm getting emotional for some reason after reading that! Yes, near tears in the computer lab at school-I'm a dork! I think the pictures turned out great by the way. ;)

Kerri said...

This is a fabulous shot of you both!!