Friday, November 7, 2008

Are You Kidding Me?

This morning I got up and ready for school like I usually do, even though I knew that we wouldn't be having classes. We're still under a blizzard warning, interstates and highways are closed and no travel is advised on those other roads that aren't closed.

Needless to say, I was quite surprised to receive a phone call this morning telling me we were having classes. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Apparently the school is sending out buses where possible (which I can't imagine is too many places) and that we'll be starting only an hour late. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! The interstate from my home to my school is closed. There is no way I can get there unless I try taking the back roads, which if the interstate isn't drivable means those roads are really not drivable. Classes at every other school around here have been cancelled, so apparently this weather is a big deal. Shouldn't my school be able to see this?

I am fuming right now. I'm upset with my school that in order to get this day to count as a day of classes, they are wiling to risk the safety and well-being of the bus drivers, the students, and teachers. While I don't see school in my cards today (it's hard to drive somewhere when the roads are not open), I am upset that this counts against me as one of my personal days (of which we only get two). I'm extremely disappointed in our administration and their poor thinking this morning.


Amanda Jo said...

I am TOTALLY on your side!!!! I cannot believe the school would do that! I tell you, if they wanted MY son to come in that day and gave me a hard time about it I'd pull him out so fast! That school should be more worried about the safety of the children and their employees.

Here in Texas, when it slushes (we get VERY VERY wet "snow") even a half an inch they call school off. It's pretty sad, Texans cannot drive in rain, let alone anything that resembles snow.

I hope you had a good personal day! ;)

Anonymous said...

seriously? that is nuts! The colleges were even closed this morning. I would be upset too.

Caity said...

Wow, that's pretty horrible as well as dangerous to all your faculty and students. :(

teacherwoman said...

Umm, you had to take a personal day? That's just wrong. Seriously. When you have no way to get there, and the roads are closed by law enforcement, you have no choice. I would argue that. Fo sure.

Still no snow here yet.

Kerri said...

I totally agree! It's crazy to have people out on the road in such terrible conditions.

At my daughters school they have "snow packs". Each of the core classes put together worksheets that the kids can do at home when there is a snow day. The kids must do them or they get a zero. That way they do get a little bit of "school" in on a snow day.

Liz said...

Yikes! I hope you got around ok! I agree, schools in our area are notorious for this. We dont get a lot of snow, but tons of ice. I always get so freaked out about the busses.

...a taste of me said...

How ridiculous! They should make exceptions in cases like that. I say if the interstate is closed, and if you don't own or have access to an emergency helicopter, that it shouldn't count against you.