Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Alaskan Vacation, Day 4

The fourth day of our Alaskan vacation was a "fun day at sea."  It was just a travel day but the ship had a variety of activities going on to help keep guests entertained throughout the trip.

Mitch and I decided to watch an ice-carving demonstration

and then Mitch participated in the Hairy Chest Contest!  (Apparently this a well-known, very popular thing on the Carnival Cruise lines.)

Meet the contestants!  Some of the men were pulled out of the crowd by the women chosen to judge (hence the ones with little to no hair on their entire bodies; hard to determine what is under a shirt!) and others - like my dear husband - volunteered for the task.

After some "walking the catwalk" performances and judge inspections of the chests, it was narrowed down to the top three hairiest men (I was not surprised that Mitch was included in this group).  These three guys then had to compete in a little game and the last one to get his balloon filled was eliminated.  What you don't see here, however, is that the rules changed and the guys weren't allowed to use their feet, they had to set the pump on the chair and use their butts.  It was quite entertaining!

Mitch made it to the final two!  These two were given a very short amount of time to go around to the women watching this performance and convince them to offer a piece of clothing so they could make an outfit.  I'd say neither guy did a great job at this but it did look like quite the challenge; I mean, would you want to give up any piece of your clothing to a strange, hairy man with no shirt on?  So after that activity and a little voting from the crowd, the winner was announced.

As I'm sure you can imagine, I was so very proud!  Mitch was recognized the rest of our trip as the "winner of the Hairy Chest Contest"; it was rather humorous.

And here are a couple random photos and tidbits since there isn't much else to say about this day of our trip.

One of may favorite places to visit on the ship was "Swirls," the ice cream machine nook.  I love soft-serve ice cream cones; my record was three in one day.

I thought the little signs that they set up at the buffet lines in the evenings were cute.  Notice that "Swirls" was allowed to stay up all night! ;)    

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