Monday, October 26, 2015

Alaskan Vacation, Days 1 & 2

Time for some catching up on this ol' blog!

At the end of May, Mitch and I took our first cruise.  I certainly never thought my first cruise would be to Alaska but it was a very fun, incredibly beautiful way to see the state and I'd highly recommend it.

The first stop on our trip was Seattle.  We spent two days in the "Emerald City," the first day wandering around downtown and buying supplies to take with us on the cruise and the second day doing a couple of the touristy activities the city is known for.  Our hotel was within walking distance of both Pike's Place Market and the Space Needle which I thought was great because it gave us a chance to see parts of the city, cool buildings and quaint shops, that we might not have seen otherwise.

A few photos from Pike's Place Market.

Being a piano player myself, this man caught my attention.  Not only was he playing beautiful music but knowing he had to transport his piano up and down the hills of the city to and from this corner was very impressive.  Anyone can carry a guitar; not everyone will haul a piano!

Where were Carmen Sandiego and Waldo on May 25th, 2015?  At Pike's Place Market in Seattle, Washington!

Great bluegrass music!

Mitch and I decided to have lunch at the market and we found the perfect place: Beecher's Handmade Cheese.  You can't go wrong with a cafe dedicated to cheese products!  Mitch and I both had a grilled cheese sandwich (I thought it was absolutely delicious!) and their "world famous" macaroni and cheese (I didn't care for it at all!).

While eating we got to watch the company's cheese-making process in action.  Very neat!

A few photos from the Space Needle.

Great views!  After conquering (ha!) the Stratosphere in Las Vegas, the Space Needle's height was a piece of cake for me!

The cool (and skin-crawling) roof of the Seattle Center Armory.  Interesting article about the artist here.

Tomorrow we board the ship!

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