Saturday, December 14, 2013

Randomosity From the Week

My drive home from work on Thursday was a very pretty one in the rear view mirrors.  While the snow often causes inconveniences and the temperatures are unbearable at times, there sure are gorgeous sights during the winter season.  (Okay, we're not "technically" in the winter season yet but Mother Nature doesn't listen to the calendar here in North Dakota!)

Last night I read about "Frito Feet" (oh, the random tidbits you stumble upon while skimming Pinterest).  After reading the article I had to say, "Huh, interesting; yeah, Crickett's paws do have a chip-like smell."  Crickett spends a good portion of her nights on my pillow with her paws in my face so while I've always noticed a smell, I never really pinpointed it to a food product until now and I find it interesting that it's a common thing among dogs.  Who knew bacteria could be so interesting?  You're off to go smell your dogs paws now, aren't you? ;)

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