Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Three Barrels and Slacking

I was told that a three-barrel curling iron makes beautiful beach waves so several weeks ago, I purchased this beast.

I fail at 99% of my attempts to style hair, so why I thought I could handle this, I'm not entirely sure.

Tomorrow will be my test run with this baby. We'll see what kind of disaster ensues.

Tomorrow will also be the day I finally get around to posting about my Florida vacation. Can we say slacker? January hasn't been a "get things done" kind of month for me. Good thing it's almost over.


Karen said...

I'm so curious to see how this turns out! I've also had my eye on one of those things, but I can't help but be doubtful that it'll produce the natural beautiful waves it promises... You can be sure if your venture is successful, I too will be the owner of one of these torturous looking devices :D

Shannon said...

That thing just looks dangerous - ha! I'd have it tangled in my hair for sure! Please post pictures!