Thursday, January 13, 2011

101 in 1001 - Update #1

I had every intention of starting my vacation posts yesterday but when I went to pick out photos from our first day, I got a little overwhelmed. See, our first day's event was The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and I took over 100 photos that afternoon! Hopefully I can make a decision soon as to which ones I think are worthy of being on the blog. Until then, I thought I would update you all on my 101 in 1001 progress.

Read a memoir
I read Born on a Blue Day by Daniel Tammet. A very interesting read about an autistic man with extraordinary number and language abilities - I highly recommend it!

Set up a play date for Crickett
Shortly before Christmas, Crickett and I got to meet Miss Hennessy. She is such a sweetheart (as is her mom Debbie and her aunt Michelle) and Crickett and I look forward to having her over again.

Eat at five new restaurants
Vacation made this task super easy to complete!
1. Smokey Bones - Lakeland, FL
2. Sonic - Orlando, FL
3. Bubba Gumps - Orlando, FL
4. Cici's - Lakeland, FL
I finally got to have my macaroni and cheese pizza! Yum!
5. Waffle House - Lakeland, FL
I discovered I do not like grits. Just thinking about them makes me want to gag.

Even though I'm moving quite slowly through this list, I'm still having a blast! Can't wait to get through more tasks and share them with you! Stay tuned for vacation posts.


Amanda Jo said...

Wait a minute - under your "Eat at five new restaurants" headding you have Sonic, Cici's and Waffle House. You've seriously never eaten at these places??? They are EVERYWHERE in Texas! hope you liked them!!

(oh, and i hate grits too. it's like satan's demented oatmeal/hominy junk. and you can quote me on that.)

Karen said...

Glad you liked Born on a Blue Day too! Great book!

amber said...

You're doing great on your list! I can't wait for more updates!

Shannon said...

Oh wow! I can't believe you've never eaten at Sonic, Cici's, or Waffle House! I loved Bubba Gumps, but it was SO expensive - I ate at the one in the Bahamas (or somewhere along the way back...we were in the airport).