Wednesday, May 6, 2015

2015 Catching Up: March Tidbits

Looks like I now have March AND April events to catch up on because I was a slacker last month!

In addition to the library's book sale (highlight of the month!) and finishing my puzzle, here are a few other things from the month of March.

The weather in March was beautiful; most of the month felt like spring rather than winter.  It was definitely not typical North Dakota weather but that was okay by most everyone.

The nice weather meant that Mitch, Crickett, and I got in quite a few walks.  It's always enjoyable going out as a family even if there is a lot of awkwardness and not much exercise involved.  You'd think Crickett would have the hang of walks by her sixth year of participating in them . . . 

I started trying to update my wardrobe and failed miserably; I'm still failing miserably to this day.  Most of the problem is that I just can't find anything I like (seriously, why are things like acid wash back in style?!!!) and if I do like something it's either too expensive for this cheapskate or doesn't fit well when I try it on.  *Sigh*  (Yes, the problems I have.)

Mitch and I did our flooring shopping (which has now been installed for several weeks - I'll get caught up eventually!) and finalized our furniture shopping (which should all be here tomorrow!).

The finish work (trim, closet doors, ledges, etc.) in the basement was completed .  Crickett wasn't too impressed with the fact that we wouldn't let her visit the workers.

Stay tuned for April 2015 updates!  Hopefully that happens sooner than later!

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