Tuesday, April 10, 2012

January 2012

I can't believe it's already the tenth of April; this year is sure flying by!  I also can't believe how little I've blogged and how few visits I've made to other blogs.  I'm hoping that I can turn this trend around soon!

So, now onto updates from the past three months that I never blogged about at the time!  Tonight's agenda is January 2012.

January 1st - Mitch and I began a competition with my parents to see who can find the most money throughout the year.  At this point in time things are looking quite bleak for hubs and me.

January 7th - I skated in my first roller derby bout! So much fun! (Stay tuned for an official "roller derby update" post coming soon.)

January 9th - I started my final semester of school!  I am currently taking Cost Accounting (interesting and lots of fun), Government and Nonprofit Accounting (awful, awful, awful), Income Tax II (bleh), Audit II (love-hate relationship), and Business Policy (worthless).  I will be done in just a few weeks!  YAY!

Tomorrow's goal: February 2012 update!

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