Monday, June 27, 2011

Holly's Happenings: 6/19/11 - Present

Sunday, June 19th - I love how the sun shines into our house in the summer.  I think the sun should shine in our kitchen all year round - it makes eating breakfast just that  much better.  I had my second derby practice this evening.  The first 20-minutes of practice were spent doing "off-skate" training, including lunges that left me so shaky I could hardly skate the rest of the night.  I'm definitely going to get strong legs from this derby business.

Tuesday, June21st- The first day of summer.  It was cold, rainy, and windy.  I hope it's not a predictor of the rest of the summer ahead although I have heard it's supposed to be a cool, wet one.

Wednesday, June 22nd - On Wednesdays, the "Freshies" (those of us derby girls in training are called "Fresh Meat" or "Freshies") have open skate, which means we don't have official practice but are allowed to come to the rink to skate and practice skills if we'd like to.  Several of us "Freshies" got together on this evening and one of the other gals helped me adjust the trucks of my skates (trucks control movement).  I definitely felt better on my skates that night than I had at our previous two practices so I'm glad I got over my fear of changing anything on my gear.

Thursday, June 23rd - My family celebrated Father's Day since we weren't able to do it on Sunday.  We went out for dinner and then had ice cream cake - yum, yum! (Side note: An old lady said I looked like a hippie in the skirt I had on!)

Friday, June 24th - I felt super trashy this day.  Mitch and I ate dinner at a pizza buffet (which I absolutely love but I always feel a little trashy when I eat at buffets - anyone else feel that way?) and that night I watched FashionPolice (I know, I know - yikes Holly!).

Sunday, June 26th - My third derby practice which means we're half-way through training!  We have a lot to learn in the three upcoming practices!

Today, Monday, June 27th - A week ago, I discovered pears growing on both our pear trees and tonight Mitch discovered apples growing on our apple tree.  It's so exciting to see the fruit and I'm anxious to see how large they get this year.  They are currently about half an inch in diameter.



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amber said...

I feel the same way about buffets!

I love how the sunlight pours through our house in the summer too!