Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Find

One of the goals on my 101 in 1001 list is to buy a piano. The other day, I decided to browse our city's "rummage sale site." I found this beauty, built in 1903:

Isn't it absolutely gorgeous? I'm not sure this is in our budget right now, but it never hurts to dream (while I'm dreaming, I'm going to imagine playing this piano in this house). I'll just keep my fingers crossed that there will be another antique, upright piano waiting for me when we do have the means to bring one into the house.

Have a wonderful weekend!


amber said...

It is beautiful!! I love all the little details.

teacherwoman said...

it is gorgeous! Remind me of my piano at home,.... which my mom said I could have when I own my own house (which I do)...hmmm. The only hard part about moving such an old piano is that they get out of tune so fast, and more often the more they get moved. Ours is always out of tune! But, it's a beauty, clark!

Karen said...

That is beautiful! I was amazed at how cheap you can get a piano for. Mine is an upright, pretty good shape (needs some tuning...), but was only like $300. I love it... definitely worth the money and hassle of lugging it around everytime I move! HA!