Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring Break

At 3:15 pm today, the ringing of the bell not only signaled the end of classes for the day, but the end of classes for the week. I'm officially on spring break!

I am thrilled to have a four-day weekend ahead of me; I have a lot planned for those 96 hours! I'm currently caught up in all my classes and I want to keep it that way so I'm going to have to spend some time grading papers and planning lessons. I feel like such a different person when I'm not overwhelmed at work - I feel like myself! It's not, however, going to be an "all work and no play" kind of break. I'm going to play with my puppy (can we say boundless energy?), finish my current book and start another (preferably one from my list so I can get a 2009 goal accomplished), run (half-marathon training doesn't get done by sitting on the couch), organize the office (the "spring-cleaning bug" has hit me full-force), and get outside to enjoy the nice weather (it's starting to feel like spring!).

There you have my agenda for the next four days. I hope to get back to regular blogging during break, too. I'll keep you posted on all these things I'm not getting done because of the naps I'm taking instead.


amber said...

Beautiful picture! I have the urge to do some spring cleaning too. This weekend, I am going to work on that and purge some stuff for an upcoming summer rummage sale!

I hope that you have a wonderful spring break!

Caity said...

Oh we still have another 2 weeks until a break. We get Easter break next. I hope you enjoy your break and get a lot done!

Kerri said...

Naps are good too!
Beautiful pic of the flower!!