Saturday, February 14, 2009

Our Puppy

Wednesday of this week was suppose to be the day Crickett came home. Unfortunately, a winter storm moved through the state on Monday and Tuesday, leaving roads closed or undriveable. I was pretty bummed knowing the breeder would not be able to make the 60-mile trip to our place.

On Thursday when I got home from work, Mitch met me at the door and helped me carry in my bags like he usually does on his days off. He told me about some errands he ran and asked for my signature on a few checks. After signing the checks, he gave me a document and said he again needed my signature. The document was our contract with the breeder. I asked how he got the contract and he said he went up and got it. I forgot all about signing the paper and asked "Where is she?" Mitch told me that she was still in the kennel and that she didn't want to come out. She had received a de-worming shot that day and wasn't feeling well, plus she was probably scared from the trip here and her new surroundings. We did get Crickett to come out of the kennel that afternoon, but she was very timid. She was nervous while walking around the house and didn't seem at all interested in exploring; she just wanted to be close to one of us.

I did not want to go to work yesterday; all I wanted to do was stay home and play with my little girl. The only good thing about having to leave for work was the coming home part. It is wonderful coming home to a puppy. It was so much fun seeing that little tail wagging, her excitement over my return.

Crickett was much more alert and playful last night and today than she was on Thursday; I got to see more of her true personality. She absolutely loves attention and if we're not giving her any, she whines. She always wants someone to be down at her level. She doesn't even mind if we're not playing with her or petting her, as long as we're sitting and not standing. She follows us everywhere and watches everything we do. She absolutely loves cuddling, too, which I have no complaints about. I told Mitch countless times how I wanted a dog that was a cuddler; I definitely got what I wished for. This little ball of fur has spent the majority of today cuddling or napping on me. I honestly think she likes being close to us more than she likes playing. She is beyond affectionate.

Crickett is very mild-mannered; I have yet to hear her bark even when another dog was barking at her. She has been exploring, but hasn't tried anything destructive. She's content with just looking around and doesn't seem to have the urge to chew on anything other than her toys. If she does start to do something like grab a shoelace or bite at toes, she responds very well to "no." She's had her accidents, which is to be expected, but she's already learning what we want her to do when we take her outside. I think the cold temperatures are really working to our advantage; she definitely doesn't like it out there. She has learned where her food and water dishes are and has been good about drinking on her own. Eating is going to take a little more practice but she'll get there. Mitch will be proud of me because I'm no longer worrying about her not learning.

I cannot believe how wonderful it is to have a puppy. I knew it was going to be great, but I didn't realize it could be this great!

I hope you're all having a super weekend! Happy Valentine's Day!


Amber said...

awww. . . she is so cute!

Caity said...

Aww, she's so adorable! I hope you keep having lots of fun with her. I'm looking forward to lots of pictures!!

Happy Valentine's Day!

teacherwoman said...

She is too cute! Sounds like a good puppy you guys have there!

hilltopper said...

so sweet. look at those big eyes.

Kerri said...

She looks so sweet! What a great companion she will be for you and Mitch.

Amanda Jo said...

Congrats on the newest member of your family! She super cute and sounds just as sweet!

Liz said...

I'm so excited for you! Mabel was so quiet and timid for days, and then... that all changed. :) Sweet Crickett will hit her stride soon when she figures out it's her house and you're her mom! :)

She's such a doll.