Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday Find

Pandora is an internet radio service that creates "stations" based on your tastes. You simply enter a song or artist that you like and the program develops a "station" for you with music that is similar to the artist or song you chose. It's a very neat program - go check it out!

In other news, I have a warm little puppy sleeping in my lap!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Amber said...

oooh that is so exciting! I can't wait to see pictures!!

I love Pandora!!

teacherwoman said...

I love Pandora!

Say hello to Crickett!

Blaine and Steph said...

Pandora is awesome AND your puppy is SO cute. I have always loved and wanted a King Charles Spaniel. What a cute name too : )

Megan said...

I love pandora! It is so amazing! (esp in my graphic design studio ;)