Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas, Part 1

Last night, my husband and I opened presents with my parents and sister. As always, it was a wonderful time. There is nothing quite like sitting around the glow of the tree, Christmas tunes filling your ears, sharing gifts with the ones you love.

My sister with pillows for her movie room. My sister has no furniture in the movie room of her house, but is instead is filling it with pillows and other soft things for guests to relax on. It's a great space! (Look at my dad in the background wearing his new scarf while reading one of his new books! He always makes us laugh, especially when he's not even trying!)

Me with a new filter for my camera. Now if only the weather would cooperate for me to get outside and get some nice winter photos!

My husband looking for the studs in my parents walls. I can not begin to describe how much fun he was having with this gift! He went on and on about how excited he was to have received the stud-finder and I have no doubt I will see him using it more than necessary in our home!

My sister again wins the award for most thoughtful gifts. Almost every year, she will make our presents rather than going out and buying anything. This year we all received paintings from our little artist. On the back of each painting, she tucked in a little note about the painting itself and those things about the recipient that inspired parts of the painting. It's been a lot of fun growing up with someone so talented and creative.

My parents with their paintings.

My husband and me with our paintings.

Last, but not least, my husband and me with our wedding present from my sister. (If you know my sister, you know that late - sometimes VERY LATE - is her style.) Better late than never, especially with something so beautiful! The artist's words about the painting: "The top symbolizes 'through calm or stormy weather...' Underneath, I thought of hills and overcoming things together. The spirals make me think of life, birth."

Another beautiful Christmas with my family! I'm so very blessed!


teacherwoman said...

Sounds like a great time with the family! Love all the wonderful gifts...

Liz said...

Merry Christmas!

hilltopper said...

wow, how nice! looks like you will have a the begining of a wonderful art collection to decorate your new home.

that tree is beautiful!

Caity said...

Looks like some wonderful presents! Your tree is so adorable! Merry Christmas, hun!

Amber said...

It looks like your Christmas was great! Those paintings will look awesome in your new house!

Kerri said...

A Belated Merry Christmas to you and your family!! Your sister looks like an AMAZING artist!! WOW!

Kerri said...

PS - My hubby was the same way with the studfinder when he got one! so funny!!